Outstanding Foreign Teacher

BackgroundBachelor degree with education background and working experience; or, with at least two years education areas working experience
Working Time:According to real situation, foreign teacher have to work 40 hours per week
Nationality:Native speakers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Certificate:TEFL, TESOL, CELTA certificates preferred
Others: Non-criminal record

Compensation and benefits:

1. DOIK shall pay foreign teacher a competitive monthly salary during this period.

2. DOIK shall buy accident insurance for foreign teacher during the contract period, as required by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. Beyond that, DOIK shall be immune from any responsibility besides above insurance. If there are some accidents beyond working time and places, DOIK shall be immune from any responsibility.

3.Bonus: If foreign teacher can meet the following conditions at the same time, foreign teacher will be paid annual bonus within 15 days from the day of the enforcement of second year contract.
·has worked for one year
·shall not have casual leave in excess of 10 days accumulatively nor casual leave of more than 3 consecutive days in the one academic year contact duration, excluding sick leave;
·completed obligation of foreign teacher from this contract;
·continue the contract to work for DOIK;

4. Foreign teacher will get 10 paid vacation days per year on the condition that foreign teacher informs DOIK 60 days in advance. The paid vacation allotment will increase by one day after working one full year. (When there are some special holidays, the arrangement is flexible according to real situation of DOIK)

5. Foreign teacher will enjoy public holidays such as Labor Day (May 1), the National Day and the Spring Festival as stipulated by Chinese government, except during important events of DOIK.

6. DOIK will offer information about accommodation and assist foreign teacher to visit the accommodation and assist foreign teacher to sign the accommodation contract.

7. DOIK will offer the service of picking up at the airport and provide the service of living in hotel free in Dalian when foreign teacher enters China.