Play School Kids Club is a worldwide pioneered exclusive kids union, which is the most special part of OTO International Kindergarten. It integrates excellent education resources from 0 to 12 years old, combined with America's most advanced STEM teaching method, using interest as the best teacher, based on their nature, and teaching children with knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math through experiencing activities. Starting from cognition, life and interest, combining education, social environment and general education together, uniting exploration, operation, games and learning, OTO can be the happiness base for children to learn with fun.

Play School Kids Club is divided into different classrooms with various themes based on different ages and interests of children. During class time, OTO provides parents with SOHO district, "mini kitchen", "casual book club", "ikebana Museum" and “parents and babies classroom” so that parents can feel OTO’s charms with their children.